The idea of multilevel marketing is simple. Imagine you have a product to sell. A common  multilevel  marketing product is some sort of panacea, such as a vitamin or mineral supplement.

You could do what most businesses do: either sell it directly to consumers or find others who will buy your product from you and sell it to other people. Multilevel marketing schemes require that you recruit people not only to buy and sell your product, but who will also recruit people who will not only buy and sell your product. This may seem unusual to traditional business people. This will take your mind off the fact that no matter how big your town or market, it is finite. The well will go dry soon enough. There will always be some distributors who will make money in an multilevel marketing scheme. The majority, however, must fail due to the intrinsic nature of all pyramid schemes.

For every multilevel  distributor who makes a decent living or even a decent supplemental income, there are at least ten who do little more than buy products and promotional materials, costing them much more than they will ever earn as an multilevel marketing agent.  If you are agent of multilevel  marketing you get certain tax write-offs. You get to buy products, some of which you will be happy with. But more than likely you will end up alienating some family and friends. You will probably end up buying more stuff than you sell. And you will learn a lot about deceiving yourself and others. You won’t be allowed to tell anyone how you are really doing, for example. You will always have to think positive, even if that means lying.

You will have to tell anyone who asks that you are doing great, that business is wonderful, that you’ve never seen anything go so fast and bring you income so quickly, even if it isn’t true.